To all of vocalist around the world.

「夢 」Dreaming
Never give up on your dream! Anything can happen.

A message to all of vocalist around the world.

"Hypogastric First"

Train your hypogastric to obey with abdominal breathing, if you wanna be amazing vocalist.

For instance ,

and is also the place that conceives a child. It is hypogastric to be important in breathing. The history of the whole world says that the hypogastric is an crucial place.

「腹式呼吸」Abdominal Breathing
Abdominal breathing is friendly the simplest routine exercise, is also most important motion. And you can approach autonomic nervous system with it. A hypothalamus is the control center of the autonomic nerve system. The hypothalamus is located in your brain. In Traditional Oriental Medicine, the spirit of jin-腎気- lives in the hypogastric and is very related to brain. In other words the brain is connected to the hypogastric. Of course the hypogastric training helps your health and beauty as well.

Breathe to be relaxed, when you're in trouble. Be aware of breathing out than breathing in. Let's start  1-breathing in, and 2-breathing out. Breath in like a sponge in water. When you take a sponge off a hand in water, the sponge absorbs water naturally.


To Be Continue...

Good Luck :)

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