"Natural Salt Relieves"

Natural Self-Care
「臍塩」"Navel Salt"

[ Introduction ] 
「手当」 in Japan 
---Simple, Easy, Tender Folk-Remedy---
The navel is the very good key point that has an influence on the whole body. 
That is one of the acupuncture point that is called "Shinketsu"「神闕」. I introduce you very easy and quick Self-Care that I recommend. That's very helpful Self Care in an opportunity of my everyday patient and volunteer activity at the stricken area too. 

We usually use the warmth of burning moxa between the salt and acupuncture point like your navel. But when there is no moxa around, what would you do? Don't worry. It is still effective very much to warm the navel with the disposable hand warmer and dryer instead of moxa. Moreover please use the warmth of a hand if there is nothing to warm products. We calls the treatment「手当」in Japan. Which means to put a hand on the place of the trouble. Human hand in itself emits heat.

Natural salt helps the state of stricken.
When I volunteered to the stricken area by support of the treatment, I brought natural salt and tapes. They really worked. Yes, all you need is natural salt and tapes.

I want you to share and expand "Navel Salt" 
to people concerned with the place that need any support. Of course let them know to someone important for you like your family, friends as one of the daily Self-Care.

Please, give me your help out just a little bit.
Thank you:)

* Great East Japan Earthquake 0311.2011

---The primary three effectiveness of "Navel Salt"---
① Pain Relief
② Make your body warm, build up resistance to disease
③ Relaxation

* Status of use "Navel Salt"
① Situation that wants to avoid medication like the pregnancy, and symptom is no cure by the drugs.
② Urgent symptom when no medicine around you.
③ Helping with an effect of the medicine.
Especially For disaster-stricken area where the lack of supplies will be short.

[ Medical Condition ]
Abdominal pain, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Coldness,
---Menstrual Pain
---Infectious diseases such as the Norovirus and Cold etc.


---Irritation, Trouble of Autonomic Nerve,


and totally as Relaxation.

* Ingredients
Natural salt (Except refined salt)
Adhesive-bandages (about 70mm×30mm)
Disposable hand warmer

* Directions
Put salt on your navel literally. The amount of the salt is about 1/2 teaspoon. And then, put an  adhesive-bandages on it, so that they won't spill. Hey, That's it. Simple, isn't it?

Safe, Natural, Tender, Genuine method that was supported of the history.
This is Natural Self-Care, so it's very tenderly useful for the pregnant woman who cannot take medicine, and is also for elderly person, child.

Natural salt has a lot of mineral and warmth itself. It is said that the salt protects you from an wicked from an ancient times other than as the seasoning. The use-by date is about 1/2 days.

When there is symptom of an infectious disease and is tired more than usual, put disposable hand warmer on the "Navel Solt". In addition, You can give warmth of your hands to the "Navel Solt" and may use the warmth by the dryers.

When you use the hand warmer and dryer, please be careful about a burn. Please do not put the hand warmer on skin directly. 

My teacher Kenshi Nabeshima met with an Atomic-bomb of Nagasaki Japan for school days. He and his friends settled vomiting and the diarrhea that were a symptom of the being A-bombed and survived by "Navel-Salt and moxa" treatment. 

My pregnant friend got over a symptom vomiting and the diarrhea of the norovirus in a night. She used a disposable hand warmer instead of moxa warmth.

Finally let me say that again.
"Navel Salt" is very simple and easy remedy. No side effect, Natural, Tender, Safe, Totally genuine method that was supported of the history.

Your clicks turns suffering of many people into relief. 
Your action leads to big support damaged area like disaster-stricken where the lack of supplies will be short.

Help out by shareing and expanding 
this Self-Care "Navel Salt":) Please:) Thank you for your corporation:)

By the way, do you have natural salt? If you not, please try some and have fun. Good luck:)


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「食」Eat naturally

「小豆」"Adzuki Bean"

---The primary three effectiveness of "Adzuki Bean
 Improvement for swelling
 Make your body warm 
     (build up resistance to disease)
③ Clean your kidney up 
(which mean your liver too)

Do you have a cuisine using a bean in your hometown? Is that seasonings sweet, spicy, or something else? Whatever, There are some thoughts of Food-Cure in Japan. They say the beans is great. Specially Adzuki is good. For reference, There are primary improvement for swelling and clean kidney up.

The meanings of internal organs.
「腎」= "GIN" = Kidney
---The 3 primary meanings of "GIN"
① Brain, Spinal cord, Ear, Throat, etc...
② Reproductive system
③ Native spirit from your parents

According to Traditional Oriental Medicine [TOM], Kidney related brain, Spinal cord, Reproductive system etc. That's right, kidney means the spirit itself that it got from your parents. The kidney has the function of to warm a body from the inside as a nucleus of all internal organs. Yes, Kidney is very crucial organ in your body. And we call the kidney "gin-腎"

Low-fat, high protein in a good quality
What is the popular menu as cuisine of beans in your country? Or what do you say "cuisine" in your place? I hope that there are Japanese food shop in your town. Anyway, You should better eat vegetables not only meat. You know what, You can't keep going on eating only meat. That's not good idea for your health and beauty. Of course the protein is necessary nourishment for your life. I recommend an adzuki bean, more or less soybean as well. Adzuki is low-fat and high protein in a good quality.

* Directions
You don't need to soak adzuki in the water like lens culinaris. You have to boil adzuki twice beforehand. Japanese food has many boiled and seasoned dishes. And most seasonings of them tend to be sweet. For example, Oshiruko, Zenzai, Boiled pumpkin and adzuki bean. Mix adzuki with Schokolade, Cookie, Cake as a dessert etc…

Eat a seasonal food naturally
season them with minimal for your healthy life.
The menu is possible from a product made in Japan to your original. Of course I think that there are a lot of things in accord with a your cuisine. There is the canned boiled beans in Japan as well. It is not good for health because most of all white sugar and additive are contained in it. A white refined sugar might ruin your health. Especially for kids, because it is very chemical therefore stimulation is strong. 

What kind of sugar is popular in your country for sweet seasoning? The people are led to three directions, sweetness, saltiness, greasiness by the modern huge food industry. The movie "Food, inc" said that too. Yes, they are already in the Ingredients. A seasonal food already has all seasoning.

Eat a seasonal food naturally, season them with minimal for your healthy life. 

By the way, do you cook usually? If you not, please try some and have fun. Good luck:)

* For reference
"Shizenryoho" by Yuriko Tojyo


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