"First Aid for Cold and Flu"

Natural Self-Care
「大椎大温"HOT C7"

[ Introduction ] 
「手当」 in Japan 
---Easy, Tender Folk-Remedy---
Initial symptoms of cold. When you felt a chill on your back, what would you do? Do you have any method on your own? You know what, there are many folk remedy all around the world. In this situation, just beneath the nape of the neck is the very good key area that is very effective to get rid of cold.

There is one of the acupuncture point that is called "GV14"「大椎」. I introduce you very easy and quick Self-Care that I recommend. That's very helpful Self-Care in an opportunity of my everyday patient and volunteer activity at the stricken area too.

We usually use the warmth of burning moxa to approach the acupuncture point. But when there is no moxa around, what would you do? Don't worry. It is still effective very much to warm the crucial area with the disposable hand warmer and dryer instead of moxa. Moreover please use the warmth of a hand if there is nothing to warm products. We calls the treatment「手当」in Japan. Which means to put a hand on the place of the trouble. Human hand in itself emits heat.

Method of Oriental Medicine helps the state of stricken.
When I volunteered to the stricken area by support of the treatment, I brought disposable hand warmer. They really work.

So, I want you to share and expand "HOT C7" 
to people concerned with the place that need any support. Of course let them know to someone important for you like your family, friends as one of the daily Self-Care.

Please, give me your help out just a little bit.
Thank you:)

* Great East Japan Earthquake 0311.2011

---The primary effectiveness of "HOT C7"---
① Initial symptoms of cold
② Coldness

* Status of use "HOT C7"
① Situation that wants to avoid medication like the pregnancy, and symptom is no cure by the drugs.
② Urgent symptom when no medicine around you.
③ Helping with an effect of the medicine.
Especially For disaster-stricken area where the lack of supplies will be short.

* Ingredients
Disposable hand warmer or
Ginger Oil, Hot Balm etc…

That's it.

* Directions
Put disposable hand warmer on your area beneath the nape of the neck. Please see the figure below. Hey, That's it. Simple, isn't it?

Safe, Natural, Tender, Genuine method that was supported of many years of experience. 
This is Natural Self-Care, so it's very tenderly useful for the pregnant woman who cannot take medicine, and is also for elderly person, child.

A cold begins with your area beneath the nape of the neck. It is told that the Cold-Wicked comes in from a neck from an ancient time. Cold-Wicked is called "Kanja"「寒邪」in Traditional Oriental Medicine. A cold syndrome is the boss of 1,000 disease. A chill often leads to all kinds of disease. 

When you felt a chill on your back, please try this Self-Care "HOT C7". and then, take some cozy up drink, sleep warmly. That's a very tender method to block a cold early. In addition, when you have no disposable hand warmer, you can use the warmth by the dryers, electric heater, Ginger Oil, Hot Balm to the area "HOT C7". This is Natural, Tender, Safe, Totally Genuine method that was supported of many years of experience.

This is Simple, Safe, Tender Folk-Remedy from JAPAN. But, when you use the products to warm, please be careful about a burn. Please do not put the hand warmer on skin directly.

Finally let me say that again.
"HOT C7" is very simple and easy remedy. No side effect, Natural, Tender, Safe, Totally genuine method that was supported of many years of experience.

Your clicks turns suffering of many people into relief.
Your action leads to big support damaged area like disaster-stricken where the lack of supplies will be short.

Help out by shareing and expanding.
this Self-Care "HOT C7":) Please:) Thank you for your corporation:)

By the way, please try some and have fun. If you have any good First Aid for Cold and Flu, please let me know:) Thank you:)


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