Ok u lele!オキュレレ!+NinjaCure 鎌倉ははは!2,2017

Ok u lele!オキュレレ!+NinjaCure 開催決定!
- 棒灸とウクレレの唄 +にんじゃドリンクを愉しむ会 -
Moxibustion workshop + Ukulele live + Ninja Drink
with Yasuhira & Misako in Kamakura

今回のテーマは「腎- ひざ腰」です。東洋医学では冬に腎を養うべし!とあります。そうなんです、膝や腰は五臓のなかでも「腎」と関係があるんですね。ん?それってどういうこと?冷えやコリを緩和して、冬を健康に乗り切る秘訣やツボを、定番の棒灸メソッドと共にわかり易くお伝えしてまいります。

2017年2月24日 金曜日, Friday 24 Feb,
毎月第四 金曜日,
4th Friday Every Month, OPEN 10:30
講座(約2時間)+ プチLIVE とランチ

食処笑処 ははは, Hahaha restaurant
2-6-11 Yukinoshita, Kamakura city, Kanagawa

Participation fee: 1,500yen (including 1 moxa roll).
+ Lunch fee
Reserve your place! Please contact us via e-mail.
また、いくつかの媒体でも告知をしていますので、ご予約はお早めに!We are announcing the event other than Facebook, so please reserve as soon as possible!

1. 棒灸の効果的な使い方をお伝えします。
2. 棒灸の実践。一般的な症状に沿った棒灸の使い方:
3. ウクレレ唄のプチLIVE。
*ほうとうパーティータイム + にんじゃドリンクが付いてレシピを公開します。質疑応答。講師、参加者同志の交流タイム。
The workshop will consist of 3 parts (about 1h30):
1. Yasuhira will talk about moxa method.
2. “Hands-on” workshop. Performing moxibustion for common symptoms:
Stiff Shoulders, Back Pain, Autonomic Ataxia, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Swelling, Coldness and more.
3. Misako will sing a couple of ukulele songs.
*Plus: Enjoying your Hohtoh at Hahaha. Especially, awesome healthy juice recipe revealed. It is what it called "Ninja Drink", which would boosts you healthily.

《About "Ok u lele” オキュレレ》
The beginning of "Ok u lele" workshop went back to 2012. When we were in Miyakojima, Okinawa. Misako have sung the patients a song with ukulele after the treatment. This is it. She sing, I cure. Simple combination, but we found that it causes wonderful moment. Some people cried, some clapped their hands with faces full of joy. We believe that can boost your health and your happiness by moxibustion and singing. We look forward to see you at the event.
Yasuhira and Misako

Cancellation Policy. We will charge you cancellation fee as below. *100% of your total amount will be charged if you do not notify us about your cancellation or any changes by 24 hour before holding time.

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