Natural Self-Care 


---The primary three effectiveness of "GINGER OIL"---
②let your body warm, build up resistance to disease.
③let the flow of blood well, get wastes out.

* Prep Time:  2 min

* Ingredients
white sesame oil (taihaku-yu)
(White sesame oil is scentless. so you don't have to worry about smell like brown sesame oil.)

* Directions
Cut Ginger into small pieces.
It's about your size of thumb.
Grate Ginger with a grater, and squeeze them.
In a small jar, combine juice of Ginger and white sesame-oil.
The amount of white sesame-oil is about same as juice of Ginger.
Stirring them.
And then, administer a Ginger oil on the places of your body.
For example, place of pain, cold, chilly, stiff…
 [Do not use it for serious injuries like bleeding.] 
The use-by date is about 1-days in an refrigerator.
You should better make a new one, when the smelling of syrup become no good.
I hope you like it.
Good luck.

[ For reference ]
stiff shoulders, backache, neuralgia, rheumatism, blow, sprain,
subacromial bursitis, myalgia, cramp, headache without high fever,
depilatory, beautiful skin, skin whitening,
keep out the cold, first stage of a cold,

Moreover, ginger oil is good for your every scene of sports. Specially in a rain day, in a water, in a cold day. I administer ginger oil on whole body when I surf. I feel comfortable in a wetsuit. It's a very natural and organic thing.

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